Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Game Minute

The following will be an example of a minute's gameplay of GeoStoric Challenge

"Upon accepting the traveller's wish to get to Buenos Aires, the player has no more than 30 seconds to land the UFO as close to Buenos Aires as possible. Moving the UFO around on the world map towards Latin America and finally landing it 395 kilometers from Buenos Aires, after 15 seconds, gives the player 76 points. Immediately following this, the traveller asks the player which Latin American country that Buenos Aires is the capital of. With Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Venezuela as possible answers the player thinks about it for 10 seconds. Being unsure of whether the correct answer is Brazil or Argentina makes the player spend more time on thinking it through. Hearing the ticking clock in the background makes the player go with the first intuition: to land the UFO on Argentina. Argentina being the correct answer makes the traveller happy and he rewards the player with the extra fact that people from Buenos Aires are actually called 'Porteños' which means 'people of the port'. In addition to this extra fact, the player is also rewarded with 25 points for guessing the right answer and a time bonus of 5 because it took him 25 seconds to guess the answer. This gives the player a total score of 106. Accepting this, the player is asked to take the traveller to a new destination: New Delhi..."

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