Sunday, October 27, 2013

"GeoStoric Challenge" Prototype 2

Last week i received a whole lot of great feedback from you guys playing the first prototype of "GeoStoric Challenge". This week i'm releasing Prototype 2 - A huge makeover to the previous prototype. 
I've taken the things you said while playing the game into concern and i have done my best to accommodate your suggestions without changing my original plans for the game.
So... Here are the updates:

  • There is now a story behind the quiz game; you'll be helping out a traveller who happens to travel the world in a UFO, but doesn't know the locations of the cities he wants to go to. 


  • With the new storyline i had to redo the graphics to give the player the feeling that he/she is helping the traveller. I've done this by putting an image of the traveller into most of the scenes. 
  • A lot of new information is shown on the screen. 

  • The biggest update to the gameplay is that the game is no longer controlled by the mouse. I noticed many of you had difficulties finding the locations so i've made it easier by letting the player control the UFO with the Arrow keys and letting it land anywhere on the map (instead of only on the location in Prototype 1). 
  • The Space button is now both used to land the UFO, but also to switch scenes. 
  • Again, with a new storyline and a gameplay change i felt it was required to make sure the player knows what to do and how.  
  • There will now be a welcoming scene to introduce the player to the story and another screen making it clear to the player what has to be done and how to do it. (Controls).
  • Most of you guys wanted to know the correct answer after guessing wrong - this has been implemented for a nice result - Thanks guys! 
  • An extra information about each specific location is now shown (As a reward from the traveller to the player for guessing the right question). I think this is a really nice feature. 
  • Sound and Music have been implemented throughout the game. Every action made by the user has some sort of sound bound to it to make the game more interesting. 

I believe that's it for Prototype 2.
My plan is to add more levels soon!

Below is a video of me playing and explaining the new prototype.

Here's the link to the game 
I'd suggest you to resize the screen to 800x600 pixels for the best graphical result.

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