Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Third Prototype...

I was looking very much forward to releasing my third prototype of GeoStoric Challenge, but fortune was not on my side this week. 
As i was implementing the Kongregate API to make the game more competitive by having highscores, Stencyl somehow deleted a whole event class within the most important scene of my game.
I spend hours trying to restore the game as it was before, but without luck. 
What was supposed to be implemented this week was a whole new level and the highscores.
There's not much to say about the highscore system as Kongregate has a brilliant API for it. 
The new level was something i really thought would improve the game. Taking Eric Gagnon's suggestions about marking the countries of the world into consideration i decided not to implement it to the current 'guess the location' level. Instead i wanted to create a whole new level where the player had to guess which country was shown on a figure. I still have plans of doing this, when i recreate the game, but for now i'll be focusing on restoring the game.
I've decided to give Unity a try and since starting all over in Stencyl would take almost the same time, this is a perfect chance for me to move to the Unity platform.
Unfortunately I will be going away for the rest of the week which means i wont have a prototype ready, but I'll be happy to share it with you guys next week! 

Thanks for reading!


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