Sunday, November 24, 2013

Unity Prototype (Prototype 4)

So, for this week we're supposed to create a prototype of our game in Unity3D. I've spend a LOT of time trying to get started with my game. Starting all over on the game was hard for me and especially creating a functional 2D game in Unity, a platform that takes months to really get into, made me spend many ours without getting anywhere. 
Since the kind of game GeoStoric Challenge was in Stencyl could not be converted directly to the same kind of game in Unity, I came up with a new graphical design.
Instead of having a flat 2D map screen i created a Sphere game object in Unity that contained the image of the map. 
For the player controlled UFO i created a Capsule game object and made it look a bit like a UFO. 

So my first idea was to let the main camera follow the top of the UFO and make the UFO able to be controlled all the way around the globe and at different 'altitude levels'. 
But since this required a lot of code that I had no clue on how to write, I researched moving around a sphere. I found a solution by letting the main camera sit above the UFO and instead of moving the UFO the Sphere (world) would just rotate to give the effect of a moving UFO. Again this was too hard to do since I just couldn't find out how to rotate the sphere on the button-down events. 
Unfortunately the overwhelming amount of work I had to put into a game I had already created got the best of me and i simply decided that Unity is not the platform i want to develop this game in. I published what i made, but no controls are available, but just for you to see the concept i was talking about. 

Here's a screenshot:

And here's the link:

And there's no reason for me to record a video of me playing it. Sorry.

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