Sunday, September 15, 2013

Game Idea #2

With inspiration from already existing games where you have to use your knowledge of geography and history, this idea consists of a mobile app that tests and improves the users' skills in especially geography and history while letting them interact and get social with each other. I am not sure of what to call this game yet, as there are many challenging games of the same sort out there.

The Story

The game has no real story to follow. This means that the game doesn't have a starting point or an ending point. Instead it consists of a large amount of tasks for the user to solve and while solving the tasks the users get more and more points. The points are used to show how good or how active a user is in the game and lets all users compare their scores to each other.

The Gameplay

The gameplay itself is not very complicated. The user creates an account (Or logs in via Facebook) and is able to play the game. The game consists of tasks for the user to solve. First the user is asked to go to a specific location as shown on a picture. This could for instance be Mt. 'Fuji' in Japan. The user then has to navigate, on a map, to the location where he or she thinks the picture has been taken. Depending on how close the user is to the right location, points are given.
No matter if the user is close or far away from the right location, he/she will be shown where in the world it is and will be prompted with up to 5 questions about the specific location. The harder the questions are the more points are rewarded. If a player has trouble answering a question, hints can be given for a points cost OR in-game friends may be contacted, also for a smaller points cost.
The user can exit the game at any time and the points score will be saved.


This game does not require special technology for graphics or anything. In fact it could be made easily within Objective C for a nice Iphone application. The game could also be made in javascript or HTML5 as we are supposed to work with in the course.

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